Quest of Dungeons


  • Demo Available: EU eShop only
  • MSRP: $8.99
  • Released: September 14, 2017
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Adventure, Strategy, Action
  • Number of players:
    • Offline: 1
  • Developer: Upfall Studios
  • Publisher: Upfall Studios
  • Download size: 72 MB
  • Metacritic: 74 7.4
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
  • Play modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese

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Choose your hero and enter the dungeons!

Quest of Dungeons is a turn-based dungeon crawler game: a roguelike featuring a good old 16-bit, retro artistic look.

An evil Dark Lord has stolen all the light, so your mission is to enter his lair and defeat him.

By playing as either a Warrior, a Wizard, an Assassin or a Shaman, you have to traverse dungeons, defeat enemies and loot everything you can in order to survive. You can learn new skills in Tomes you find along the way and buy/sell items at shops.

The entire game is procedural so you won't find items/enemies in the same place each time you play.

Procedural dungeons
Procedural weapons
Boss encounters
4 Difficulty levels
Permadeath - Once you die, game over man, game over!
Shop - buy and sell items/weapons
Leaderboards - compare your Adventure points with the community

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