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Deku Deals started in 2017 after Michael bought a Switch and soon grew annoyed at how hard it was to find out about game sales. While sites like IsThereAnyDeal could highlight PC game deals across multiple stores, nothing similar existed for the Switch as well. Deku Deals officially launched in March 2018, and has steadily grown to be the top site for finding deals across Switch, and since 2021, PlayStation and Xbox as well.

Who is Team Deku?


Michael is the founder and fearless leader of Deku Deals. He's a software developer, indie game maker, and world traveler. These days he can be found in Seattle with his wife, son, and pet tarrasque "Alonzo".

Desert island game? Outer Wilds


Andrew is perhaps better known as his deal-slinging alter ego @Nintendeal. He joined forces with Michael to create the supergroup known as "Team Deku" in 2023. His super powers include skiing, scuba diving, and the ability to communicate with all types of glue.

Desert island game? Breath of the Wild


Scott is a software developer and consummate cheapskate, so joining Team Deku was perhaps unsurprising. Previously, he held middle management roles in nearly every Chicagoland tech company. He is not, in fact, some kind of koala thing.

Desert island game? Streets of Rogue