Hi! I'm Michael Fairley, the developer behind Deku Deals.

I bought a Switch in 2017, and I quickly got annoyed at how hard it was to find out about game sales. I use IsThereAnyDeal to get notified about PC game deals across multiple stores, and I want something like that to exist for the Switch as well, so I built it!

Deku Deals officially launched in March 2018, and I've been running it as a one-man project ever since. I'm responsible for keeping all of the data on here accurate and up to date, and I'm also constantly adding new features and other improvements to the site.


How can I help financially support Deku Deals?

10% of the money I make through Deku Deals is donated to these gaming related charities, and I encourage you to support them as well:

What's with the name?

What's the site built with?

A few of the pieces that I consider the most important:

I've got a feature request! Or a bug report! Or a partnership opportunity! How can I contact you?

Feel free to get in touch with me by email at michael@dekudeals.com (or on Twitter at @dekudeals) for anything Deku Deals related.
The Deku Deals Kampsite is the best way to submit feature requests, as the votes on there help me prioritize.

What are your favorite Switch games?

Short answer: BOTW
Slightly longer answer: Take a look at Michael's Picks