Signature Weapons Pack

DLC for World War Z


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Available on other platforms

If you’re planning to slay the undead swarms in style or purge the zombie hordes with panache, then the Signature Weapons Pack is what you’ve been looking for. With the personalities of some of WWZ’s most memorable characters shining through in their weapons of choice, whether it’s Kimiko’s PAC-15 Sporting Carbine, Bunko’s Gal 9 Compact SMG, Angel’s Casull 6 Revolver or Sergei’s Dunali SxS Shotgun, you’ll have a firearm for any occasion.

This DLC includes:
- Kimiko’s PAC-15 Sporting Carbine - Bunko’s Gal 9 Compact SMG - Angel’s Casull 6 Revolver - Sergei’s Double Barreled Shotgun