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Discover the diversity of forests with the Woodland Wonders Decorative Pack. With this pack, you'll get 6 enchanting, digitally hand-painted backgrounds of different forests and 6 player portraits of their inhabitants.

Explore the Boreal Forest, home of fluffy Sable, providing a haven amidst the harsh northern frosts. Or, with a little Frog, head to Evergreen Forest, full of the quiet magic.

Splash in the water with a playful Otter on the edge of Broadleaf Forest where sunlight filters through a canopy of colorful leaves, or take a trip to hot Africa, where you'll encounter long-necked Giraffe and Baobab Forest full of massive squat trees.

The luscious green Jungle Rainforest ruled by the Superb Bird of Paradise, and the monumental Sequoia Forest, the playground for Possum, also await you.

Whether you're new to Wingspan or you're a seasoned player, Woodland Wonders Decorative Pack will make creating a wildlife preserve a whole new, visually stunning experience.

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