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DLC for The Sinking City


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You are Charles Winfield Reed, a retired US Navy and WWI veteran who became a private eye that earns a living by providing detective services and investigating tricky cases. From time to time, you experience horrific visions that have been chasing you since the vanishing of the warship you served on, the USS Cyclops.
You travel from Boston to Oakmont — a hideaway half-flooded fishing town that for some reason is not marked on any map — to meet a mysterious stranger who invited you to visit the place and uncover the reasons behind the visions. You will have to plunge into the shadows of Oakmont and understand what its dwellers are hiding.
A conceptual three-volume DLC pack will walk you through amazing and chilling Lovecraftian stories and will get you to the edge of sanity and hidden corners of the human soul.

Worshippers of the Necronomicon: Enjoy three brand-new quests in which Charles Reed investigates unsolved cases and sets off in search of occult spell books that hide unimaginable powers.

Merciful Madness: Three additional iconic quests in the best tradition of the Cthulhu Mythos that tell new stories and shed light on the mystery of Oakmont. Remember that silence is golden, fool’s gold can be dangerous, and human brains require proper care.

Investigator Pack: Upgrade your gaming experience with an exclusive private investigator outfit, permanent access to a first aid kit, antipsychotics, and a crafting materials starter pack.