Steredenn: Binary Stars


  • MSRP: $12.99
  • Released:
    • NA/EU: March 8, 2018
    • JP: September 20, 2018
  • Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Arcade, Fighting
  • Number of players:
    • Offline: 1 - 2
  • Developer: Pixelnest
  • Publisher: Plug In Digital
  • Download size: 600 MB
  • Metacritic: 79 7.7
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
  • Play modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

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Steredenn: Binary Stars is an award-winning mashup of a classic shmup and a rogue-like, carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles. Fly solo or co-op with a friend, fighting off the worst scourges of space in a never-ending struggle for survival.

Steredenn: Binary Stars is the hugely expanded version of the acclaimed Steredenn. Enjoy infinite replayability and unforgiving gameplay through intense boss fights, (almost) randomly generated environments, twisted space events and a massive arsenal of weapons.

Enhance your ship during your flight with upgrades aplenty, and forge your own path across the universe!

• QUICK, INTENSE SESSIONS: with rock-hard boss battles that’ll keep you coming back for “just one more run”
• INFINITE REPLAYABILITY: Endless arcade action, where levels are (practically) randomly-generated.
• LOCAL COOP MODE: 2 ships, 4 weapons, 1 lifebar - test your friendships!
• 5 PLAYABLE SHIPS: each with its own special ability and playstyle
• MIGHTY ARSENAL: 42 weapons and 30 upgrades with tons of customisation options
• BOSS RUSH: fight a weekly selection of epic bosses and work your way up the leaderboard
• DAILY RUN: Try to get to number one in a special daily leaderboard where all players share the same run, guns and bosses. Be ready - you only get one chance per day!
• ARENA: Unlock a boss by defeating it in the main game. Then, train against it in a 1-on-1 duel. Your guns, your laws, your fight.
• THE ULTIMATE EDITION: Loads of new content, reworked balancing, scoring, optimisation & always more polish

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