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In Prison Architect you will see the impact of your grand design on the lives of your inmates be it a utopic centre for rehabilitation, a brutal Super Max Prison or anything in between.

Acting as both architect and governor, you control every detail of your Prison - from building new cells and facilities to hiring staff and creating reform programs - all while dealing with informants, contraband smuggling, gang warfare, full scale riots and more!
Expose your prison to a whole host of outrageous characters who will impact your prisons in unique ways, take charge of new prisons and build your penitentiary on exciting new plots!

All Day and a Night contains 8 new wardens, 8 new prison maps and 8 new plots to expand your prison experience and bend the rules!

• Show-off and share your prisons in World of Wardens.
• Equip your prison with new padded cells and a Criminally Insane wing

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