My Riding Stables 2: A New Adventure


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Run your own riding stable full of horses and take good care of your animals and your guests. Ride freely around the open game world, through a wide variety of landscapes. The riding controls are intuitive. Speed, skill and courage are required for the mounted games – riding games that are both thrilling and fun! Train hard and claim victory in the tournament!

• Choose from different horse breeds
• Enjoy challenging hacks through the open game world
• Adventure through the exciting story mode
• Take part in thrilling races in four disciplines (orienteering, hurdle races, checkpoint races and slalom)
• Complete tournaments with four fast-paced riding games
• Find and collect treasure chests to unlock new outfits
• Have a blast with five exciting mini-games
• Learn useful knowledge about horses and hospitality
• Play against your friends in multiplayer mode
• Child-safe! No in-game purchases or advertising.

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