Insectoid Loneriding Mechranger Outfit for Switch

DLC for Lethal League Blaze


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One hot summer Switch was fed up with cruising the same old streets and decided to go on a skating roadtrip. Of course, he first made a quick detour to go pick up some spare parts at the Citynetics factory. Immediately after entering a server room Switch tripped, fell and short circuited his motherboard into a full-on robo-hallucination trip. As the 'Mechranger' he traveled many worlds and saw the true name of things. He recounted his tales to Raptor and told him how Rex is the founder of citynetics and turned Latch into a cyborg. Raptor responded "What are you even talking about you can of beans?".


  • Insectoid Loneriding Mechranger colorway. An orange green mecha look.

  • Galaxy's Edge Mechranger colorway. A flashy green and purple look.

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