Firefighter Max Pressure outfit for Jet

DLC for Lethal League Blaze


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When Jet caught her breath she was just outside of the burning hideout. Smoke was already filling the badly lit alleyway. Then it hit her; her trusty jetpack was still inside. Flames were spitting out of the doorway, it didn't look like she was able to go back in like this. She ran out to the street and saw the Shine City fire brigade setting up their gear. She pleaded to them to try and find the jetpack, to no avail. They sure weren't risking their lives for some 'toy'. Jet, not one to give up on a friend, smoothly zipped into one of their spare suits and jumped into the fire.

  • The Firefighter Max Pressure colorway. A light blue and red geared out look.
  • The Firefighter Inferno Mode colorway. A red layered look.

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