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Note: This content is also included in the "FAIRY TAIL Season Pass" that is available as a separate purchase. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.
Note: Each content item can be enjoyed by advancing the game to a certain point.

A set that includes the playable character "Levy", an additional story, and costumes.

Included Content:
●Playable Character "Levy"
Allows players to place Levy in their team as a playable character.

●Character Story
Allows Levy's "Character Story" to be triggered at the beginning of chapter 3, episode 3. By advancing the "Character Story", Levy will be added as a companion.

●3 Special Costumes for Levy
The following 3 costumes are added:
- Levy's Costume "Special Swimsuit"
- Levy's Costume "Anime Final Season"
- Levy's Costume "Dress-Up"

Note: The "Special Swimsuit" and "Anime Final Season" costumes are unlocked when the character is added as a companion.
Note: The "Dress-Up" costume is added when the character's Rank becomes 4.

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