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Yajouj and Majouj
An old legend among the people of the south tells of a forbidden love between a human and a goblin. Yajouj the human became smitten with Majouj the goblin. In the legend, Majouj is taken away by force from Yajouj’s house and thrown into an endless abyss where she eventually perishes. Unbeknownst to Yajouj, he set out to find his soulmate but got lost in the bottomless abyss and lost his life in this pursuit. That’s not the end of this legend though, ultimately, their souls need to be reunited in death. A union to surpass the abyss. The souls of the two lovers are to find a way out of there.

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- New playable character Yajouj’Majouj ready to have your skills tested within the Family Trials mode. Yajouj’Majouj, unlike the Bergsons, has two forms, and is able to turn from one to the other at your will to create a unique fighting style - combining attacks from both forms enables you to unleash truly deadly strikes!
- Skin system - adds a whole new section to the character select menu to choose special masks for the heroes.
- 5 new Divine Graces: Blood Rush, Quick Paws, and more.
- 5 new Charms: Trade of Might, Blood Sacrifice, and more.
- 5 new Divine Relics: Call to Arms, Thunder Cloud, and more.

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