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Join massive battles on the frontlines of the First World War in this two game bundle, containing multiplayer shooters Tannenberg and Verdun, and exclusive Tannenberg avatars! Fight maneuver battles across the vast Eastern Front, or engage in brutal trench warfare on the Western Front. With authentic uniforms, accurately modeled weapons and maps inspired by real battlefields, you'll be fully immersed in World War One combat.

Choose a squad from one of the many nations who were part of this world spanning conflict, and choose your role and equipment carefully. Alongside major powers like France, Germany, Britain and Russia are countries too often left out of representations of the war - fight for Belgium, Roumania, Bulgaria, or as French Senegalese Colonial troops among many others. Each game features 50+ accurately modeled weapons from rifles and pistols to trench clubs and hand grenades.

Warfare from 1914-1918 is intense and deadly. Load your rifle, grab your saber, and keep your gas mask close!