Iwaki Typhoon

DLC for World of Warships: Legends


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Xbox One

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PS5 $11.99 (-20%)
Xbox One $8.99 (-40%)
PS4 $10.49 (-30%)

Get started with Japanese cruiser Iwaki! She is fast and has powerful guns to provide firepower wherever it's needed on the high seas!

The bundle includes:
1x Japanese Tier III Premium cruiser Iwaki
3 days of Premium Account
37,000 Commander XP

If you already have Iwaki in your collection, you'll receive compensation in the form of 5,625,000 credits.

Please note:
Some content, such as Boosters, Commander XP, camouflages, etc., only becomes visible upon reaching a specific account level in the game.
Some content, such as ships, permanent camouflages, containers, and flags, as well as patch symbols and bases, can be used solely on the platform of purchase.