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Build a car, plane or boat…Or mash ‘em all together as a transforming carplaneboat! Play your way and explore the Stranded in Space campaign, learn the basics of building (and piloting) various vehicles in Rally or go to one of the sandbox maps and build the hovercraft you’ve always dreamed of owning in real life!


Trailmakers offers a variety of weapons you can use to build the biggest, baddest vehicle and utilize it against your friends in epic skirmishes. From miniguns to rockets launchers, bomb bays, and smart guns. Your preferred choice of mayhem is waiting for you. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your combat vehicle, you can use the built-in aiming reticle with adjustable aim-assist to engage in brutal, but fair battles.


Play alone or up to eight players with drop in / drop out multiplayer game modes on most maps in Trailmakers. Build with or against your friends, and see who’s going to blaze the trail towards whatever goal you set for yourselves!


Our deceptively simple build mode lets you snap together blocks intuitively, so you can be up and running in moments …Or you can learn the intricacies of the system and build complex marvels. Customize the colors on your builds, or support development of the game with one of the Skin Packs to truly stand out!


Explore an alien planet and collect the parts you need to eventually escape it. Our campaign mode introduces you to the various types of vehicles the game is capable of making, and lets you explore different ways to use them.


Dive into four sandbox maps. Dodge asteroids and fight Space Pirates in Space Sector, fly through the rings of Treasure Island, catapult onto an aircraft carrier in Danger Zone, or explore the Stranded campaign map. Every map offers unique settings and obstacles where you can test your vehicle and come up with fun challenges with your friends in multiplayer.


Learn the basics of building and piloting the various vehicles that can be made in Trailmakers in Rally mode, and then make a name for yourself on the global leaderboards against our community of Trailmakers. If you’re looking for more challenges, take a trip to scenic Race Island to truly prove your worth against the top racers in Trailmakers.


Use the Gallery to share your creations, or see what other players have come up with, then join our lovely Discord community to keep up with the latest news, and find people to play with, exchange build ideas & challenge your building skills.

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