Garden Party - Episode 3: Home Sweet Home

DLC for Tools Up!


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Tools Up! Garden Party consists of 3 episodes that are all available as a Season Pass, or separately. 


If buying Episodes separately, remember: 

To play Ep. 2, you must first get Ep. 1.

To play Ep. 3, you must first get Eps. 1 + 2. 


Fall is in the air and so is Tools Up! Garden Party’s final fall episode. Bundle up in your favorite sweater for Episode 3: Home Sweet Home. 


A new challenger is ready to keep you on your toes, or should we say, with your fingers on your nose! The Stinky Smog can whip past at any time to mess up your work and steal things you need. Be sure to keep your puppy around to chase the Smog away.


Fall means harvest time. Collect pumpkins and carrots in a basket and dream of the soups you can make with them. And don’t let a leaf go uncollected! The cool fall wind will blow leaves all over your garden. Grab a rake and collect them before they take over!


Discover even more new mechanics and tools in 15 new, crispy fall levels solo or with up to 3 friends. Get gardening!

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