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Get ready for Titans Pinball, a pinball machine where you have to beat mythologic creatures. The cyclops, Medusa, The minotaur, and many more are waiting for you inside the temple.

Discover all the secrets, including the minotaur's maze, a place were only the bravest warriors dare to enter and discover it's secrets.

Complete all the missions and become number 1 in the world or the best among your Friends, posting your high score on the online leaderboard.

  • Arcade design.
    -More than 8 missions to acomplish! are you ready to beat the Titans?
  • Multiball, Extraball, Skillshot, Jackpots...
  • Reproduction with all the details, lights and sounds.
  • 4 different cameras to choose from.
    -Vertical Gameplay using all the Nintendo Switch screen on portable mode.
  • Online Leaderboard.

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