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First-person survival horror gets a roguelike twist in The Red Exile, where every playthrough is randomized across a procedurally generated map to keep you on your toes while elements of hand-crafted puzzles and level design are layered within. Your task is to perform an exile rite to rid this realm of your maniac pursuer before he can kill you first.

Outsmart, evade and fend off your pursuer as you locate items to unlock new rooms and complete the ritual. But be careful, the AI-powered pursuer learns from the actions you take and gradually grows stronger! Collect perks to unlock new abilities and stack the deck in your favor. Can you adapt and survive this deadly game of cat and mouse?


• Explore procedurally generated maps in first-person perspective!
• Survive by hiding, evading and outsmarting your enemy.
• Find items and solve puzzles to perform an exile rite!
• Collect perks to adapt and unlock new abilities.
• Beware your pursuer’s ability to learn from the actions you take!

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