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THE KING OF FIGHTERS NEOWAVE, the legendary spin-off title in the KOF Series is back on Xbox One! Prepare yourself for epic battles! ◆46 fighters about to clash! 3 hidden characters join the fight! Clear specific conditions to unlock fan-favorites "Seth", "Kusanagi", and "Omega Rugal"! ◆ Heat up your battles via the "Heat Mode" feature! Press the Heat button to activate "Heat Mode", and power-up your attacks while sacrificing a gradual loss of health! ◆3 totally different game styles for unlimited battle strategies! ・Super Cancel Mode: A classic but very deep game mode in which players can cancel moves into each other! ・Guard Break Mode: This defensive game style with its unblockable attacks is highly recommended for expert players! ・MAX2 Mode: Players have access in this game mode to a power gauge that recovers automatically, and to an exclusive MAX2 ultimate move for tremendous damage! ◆Exclusive "Original Mode"! A "Character Edit" mode, where you can customize your favorite characters' colors, a "Practice Mode" where you can set your own settings and train your best combos, and many more extras await you in this console's exclusive "Original Mode"!!

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