The Caligula Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition


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Includes The Caligula Effect 2 full game and 12 DLCs as follows:

・3 Stigmas & 3 Battle Tracks
・2 Stigmas: ★Invisible Melodies and ★Audible Colors
・Stigma: ★Secret Malice
・Stigma: ★Femme Fatale
・Stigma: ★Lunatic Plus
・Stigma: ★Walpurgisnacht
・Stigma: ★Sweet Egoism
・Stigma: ★Misery Syndrome
・Stigma: ★Camaraderie
・Stigma: ★Pure Voice
・Stigma: ★Yamato Spirit
・Stigma: ★Box of Happiness

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