Super Powerful NG+ Package

DLC for Arc of Alchemist


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● 3 x Weapons, and 3 x Weapon Skins
Weapon [CPU Blade], Weapon Skin [(COVER) CPU Blade]
Weapon [CPU War Axe], Weapon Skin [(COVER) CPU War Axe]
Weapon [Megaphone], Weapon Skin [(COVER) Megaphone]
● Attire (10 Characters x 2 Types)
[Quinn's Uniform - Super], [Quinn's Uniform - Super (Anti-Sand)]
[Axel's Uniform - New], [Axel's Uniform - New (Anti-Sand)]
[Micah's Uniform - Next], [Micah's Uniform - Next (Anti-Sand)]
[Sharon's Robe - Origin], [Sharon's Robe - Origin (Anti-Sand)]
[Rune's Uniform - Free], [Rune's Uniform - Free (Anti-Sand)]
[Jester's Uniform - Jest], [Jester's Uniform - Jest (Anti-Sand)]
[Sandra's Uniform - Black], [Sandra's Uniform - Black (Anti-Sand)]
[Darius' Uniform - Norm], [Darius' Uniform - Norm (Anti-Sand)]
[Ace's Uniform - Guide], [Ace's Uniform - Guide (Anti-Sand)]
[Erin's Uniform - Endeavor], [Erin's Uniform - Endeavor (Anti-Sand)]

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