[Enchanted Series] Equipment Set

DLC for Super Neptunia RPG


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The [Enchanted Series] Equipment Set brings lovely enchanted bracelets and accessories that'll help Neptune and the gang battle against the pesky 2D foes!

The [Enchanted Series] Equipment Set includes:

• Enchanted Gloves: All characters
• Enchanted Bracelet: Neptune, Vert, Artisan, IF
• Enchanted Gauntlet: Neptune, Vert, Artisan, IF
• Enchanted Armlet: Noire, Blanc, Chrome, Compa
• Enchanted Wristband: Noire, Blanc, Chrome, Compa

• Enchanted Earrings: Neptune
• Enchanted Crown: Noire
• Enchanted Scarf: Blanc
• Enchanted Necklace: Vert
• Enchanted Belt: Chrome

*Note: The Bracelets and Accessories are not visible on the character during battle.

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