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If you went to a video arcade, you might know a certain name….
The name is “Psikyo”.

The Psikyo made an awful disaster that called "Psikyo Bullets…”.

Many players felt an indignation about speedy bullets from enemies and they cried at the end….

However, they were attracted to the magical power of "Psikyo Bullets” before they know. Psikyo’s games were named "Psikyo Shooting” by big fans and Psikyo Shooting is divided as a different game genre or not.

"STRIKERS 1945 II" ... This is also one of the famous works of "PSIKYO Shooting".

Psikyo is the best choice when you really want to enjoy shooting game!

The player who wants to play shooting game from the bottom of heart, PLEASE DO PLAY “STRIKERS 1945 II”!!!

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