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A huge black comet has landed on Shooting Star Island! This worries the islanders quite a bit. Stanky Star and Hooma decide to take a closer look and start their journey to the very top of the island. The secrets hidden deep within the comet must be explored. They might bring about the end of all things, after all!

Shooting Star Island is a big and colorful 3d platformer. Stanky Star will rekindle his powers throughout his journey to the comet's depths, where lost worlds slumber and the Muses of the End sing their songs of destruction.


●Over twenty levels with diverse themes to explore
●Run, roll, shoot, double-jump and glide through colorful landscapes
●Challenging sub-levels and special 2.5d levels
●Open world design (new areas load in as you play)
●A fast 60 FPS game mode and a high quality 30 FPS mode
●Learn new skills and increase Stanky's health, defense and power through exploration
●An easy mode if you just want a chill experience
●Boss battles and arena style battles

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