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Inspired by the unforgiving challenge of old-school classics, Rage Among the Stars is a throwback to a harsher time in gaming. Featuring 40 rage-inducing levels packed with devious traps, near impossible jumps, mighty bosses and fewer checkpoints than you’d probably like, everything is fine-tuned to immerse players in the “rage game” experience. The result is an immense sense of accomplishment in completing each level.

Enjoy a minimalist story surrounding an alien who’s on his way home from a factory job when his ship malfunctions and crash-lands on a planet filled with lethal hazards. Can you help him survive the journey home?


• Navigate deadly traps and pitfalls across 40 pixel art levels.
• Keep trying as the cruel death counter tracks your failed attempts!
• Switch to easy difficulty if things get too maddening.
• Experience the reward of overcoming a classic challenge!

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