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Our protagonist is a piggy who spent many years away from the real world. He now yearns for his purpose in life but struggles to find the way.

So one day, with vagueness and anticipation of the known, he set forth towards the end of the world. Little did he know, he was about to toil in an aeon of strife within the Chess Kingdom while as embarks on his mystical journey. As he cracks one intricate puzzle after another, he gradually grasps a higher understanding of this strange world around him.

Game Features
-Rich game content that includes 50 painstakingly crafted levels that merge chess, box puzzles and flow control elements into a single creation.

-Piggy's exotic adventure: Exotic world-building and character creation complimented by a humorous and entertaining story dialogue.

-All about chess: After entering the Chess Kingdom, you will be confronted with formations comprised of six types of chess pieces. Find clever ways to overcome these difficulties by applying the rules of chess and setting the pieces to battle each other.

-Custom level building: Build your own levels and challenge your friends or yourself with wholly customizable parameters.

-A nostalgic memory: I created this game based on scribbles that I drew when I was a child, I wanted to dedicate this game to all the people that drew their dreams on a piece of paper.

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