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▪ Up to 8 hours of the FPS zombie massacre!
▪ Endless Mode! Unlocked on completing all the levels.
▪ Original dark humor. All major conspiracy theories included ;)
▪ Multiple in-game achievements.
▪ 16 different weapons.
▪ 20 collectible power-ups!

Run, gun, and have lots of fun in this action-packed first-person zombie shooter. A global pandemic is turning people into ungodly walking sacks of rotting meat. The virus is spreading like 5G waves from a microchip and you’re the only one who can do something about it. Arm yourself to the teeth and set out on a journey through the whole flat world* and find the people responsible. But are they people?

You know how your grandpa goes on the internet and then suddenly starts talking about how the moon is made out of cheese and the water is turning the frogs gay? Well, the mind-controlling, humanity-manipulating reptilians responsible are not going anywhere so put some shungite around the la casa and set out on the highway to smell.

* -99.9997% of it

Pandemic Shooter is available in the following languages: English, Polish (polski)

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