Character Songs "Anberyl" Set of 15

DLC for Omega Labyrinth Life


  • MSRP: $6.99
  • Release date: August 1, 2019
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher
  • Download size: 4 MB
  • ESRB Rating: Mature
  • Play modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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A bargain set of fifteen items that allows you to change the academy's BGM to an Omega Labyrinth or Omega Labyrinth Z character song.

・Invincible GRAVITY (Aina Akemiya & Rio Akanezaki)
・World's Best Present (Aina Akemiya)
・Happy Chain (Nako Mito)
・Re-Do (Saeri Soja)
・Pledge Personified (Marika Hikawa)
・Chase the Longing (Mirei Shirogane)
・I'll Get You Back (Rio Akanezaki)
・Friendship is the Code! (Urara Rurikawa)
・Pai's Wonderland! (Pai)
・Stinging Heart (Chichi)

・Brave Heart (Aina Akemiya)
・A Special Recipe (Nako Mito)
・Azure Persona (Saeri Soja)
・Crimson Labyrinth (Marika Hikawa)
・Precious Time (Mirei Shirogane)

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