• MSRP: $7.99
  • Releases: March 23, 2023
  • Genre: Puzzle, Action, Strategy
  • Number of players:
    • Offline: 1
  • Developer: Denda Games
  • Publisher: Denda Games
  • Download size: 177 MB
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Play modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld
  • Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch

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An explosively addicting puzzle game starring Anique and her crew of demolition experts. With its unique, clever gameplay, cast of wacky characters and comic style, Numolition is a guaranteed blast for the whole family!

Your job is simple: flatten as many constructions as you can by setting up, adding up and blowing up the numbers 1 to 9 through loads of mind-bending levels, bonus challenges, endless towers and other unlockable game modes that offer endless replayability.

"Love child of Threes, Comix Zone and Super Puzzle Fighter. With explosions." - iCulture
"Would play this over something like Candy Crush any day." - Android player


  • 50 levels of demolition mayhem
  • Over 120 bonus challenges to keep you engaged
  • New game modes can be unlocked by collecting stars
  • Educational at heart and a fun challenge for all ages
  • Easy to learn but hard to master