Let's Get Changed!~Nyanzou&Kumakichi: Escape Game~


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Nyanzou is quiet today for a change.
When Kumakichi check up on him, looks like he's reading a magazine.
After a little while, he suddenly gets a move on.
Nyanzou is notorious for not stopping until he gets what he wants.
Kumakichi gets caught up in Nyanzou's plans, and before he knew it, they're off to a boutique.
What in the world are these two up two?

""Let's Get Changed!"" is a innovative escape game where players need to solve puzzles to score clothes.

Join Nyanzou and Kumakichi to solve the countless puzzles inside the boutique.
Enjoy dressing them up in the clothes you get.

This game offers two modes: Escape Game Mode and Dress Up Mode.
In the Dress Up Mode, you can recommend outfits to customers to earn money for buying new dress-up items.
There are over 1800 types of dress-up items in total.*
So you can play dress up to your heart's content!

*The number of types of items includes different colors and patterns.

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