Hunter's Arena: Legends


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Hunt or be hunted in the battle royale set in the Eastern age of ancient demons.

Dive into the mystical and dangerous world as a Hunter who must fight off demons as well as other Hunters to bring an end to chaos in the world.

Prove yourself as the ultimate Hunter by mastering the art of Eastern swordplay and Marial combat in the next generation of Battle Royale. Explore dungeons and slay demons to grow stronger and stay on top of enemy players. Utilize the environment around you to plan a sudden ambush on unsuspecting enemies.

Choose from 17 different Hunters and customize unique weapons to your taste. Grab your friends and enter the arena where focusing on teamwork and planning out strategies are crucial in Trio Mode. Survive and become the deadliest Hunter in the world of Hunter's Arena!

A Dynamic World
From snowy mountains to dense forest and dangerous lava fields, detailed and realistic world is yours to explore.

Melee combat Battle Royale
Experience the next generation of Battle Royale with one of a kind melee combat system.

Show off your style
Don’t forget to have fun on your journey! Choose from discoballs to rubber ducks before you enter the fight.

Dungeons and demons
Slay demons to collect loot and hunt boss demons in high risk dungeons to collect rare loot.

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