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You wake up trapped in a mental asylum for the criminally insane, which governed and crawling with the most evil and insane murderers.

In order to escape you have to find three keys without being found and killed by the other inmates. You can Increase your chances of survival by running and hiding from the other inmates.

In order to navigate around the dark asylum and find the three keys to freedom you have found a torch, however turning on the torch at the wrong time has serious consequences, it will attract the other inmates, so use it wisely if you want to live!

Every time your get near or are seen by another inmate your sanity will deplete and the more insane you get the more your vision will become distorted and every time you run away from another inmate you will deplete your stamina and without stamina you won't be able to run!

Will you get and to tell your story or will you become one of them ?

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