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This DLC includes a multiplayer mecha: Round Hammer Particle Cannon.
Round Hammer Particle Cannon can only be used in Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer and Training.

Round Hammer Particle Cannon is a model modified to test the Siege Cannon model. It retains the original heavy armor, but lacks mobility. Also, to prevent the test data being used by enemies, it also comes with a self-destruction system.

Primary Weapon (Normal Mode) - Particle Shotgun
Heavy Particle Cannon spread firing mode.

Secondary Weapon - Shock Wave
Release high-power particles to the front to knockback the enemy.

Light Melee - Graphite Scrambler
Forms temporary electric shock to temporarily disrupt the movement of the enemy.

Heavy Melee - Self-destruction System
Detonates an explosion with a large effective radius to destroy test data.

Primay Weapon (Sniper Mode) - Heavy Particle Cannon
Giving up mobility, sets up the shield and transforms into a turret.

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