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The Generation Zero® - Resistance Bundle contains the base game as well as the Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising expansions, allowing you to experience all the events of the machine invasion up to this point. Discover other survivors as you take on a new tier of enemies, discovering both new havens and foreign structures that don’t bode well.

Generation Zero® Base Game - Generation Zero is a stealth-action hybrid where you and up to three friends wage guerilla warfare against hostile machines, while exploring a vast open-world map filled with mysteries to uncover.

Alpine Unrest - This expansion introduces new story and gameplay elements. A month has passed since the events of the main game, and your search has led you to the island Himfjäll. Finding a group of survivors hiding in the Björntunet ski hotel, you work with them to uncover clues to the origins of the machine invasion. Unfortunately, you've also received reports about a new class of machines, far deadlier than anything anyone has previously encountered.

FNIX Rising - strange structures have appeared on the Southern Coast of Östertörn, built by the FNIX for some unknown and most likely ominous purpose. Thankfully all hope is not lost, as survivors have been spotted in the Archipelago and Farmland Regions, putting up a fight against the invaders.

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