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You have no name, no history, only identification number FLASK-157. One of numerous experiments of mysterious scientist. Perhaps among other test subjects, you are the first one, which gained ability to feel emotions and think. Can you demonstrate to your creator that you are not just a test subject? Each level is an experiment to test how you interact with technical liquids, to test your intellect. Press levers, activate transporting lines, and use liquids to activate various machines. Your empty head can turn the dangerous liquids into your instrument. Use your abilities to solve test chambers and earn your freedom!

-Scientist researches the characteristics of mysterious liquids, which you can use to interact with lab mechanisms. Use it to build your own path.
-Underground lab full of interactive and dangerous mechanisms: industrial presses, transporting lines and many others. Be careful!
-Sarcastic Scientist who comment your actions. Perhaps, his attitude will change, once he understands the level of your intelligence.

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