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Fishing Planet® is a unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator. The combination of unique graphics, realistic game physics and, most importantly, fish with artificial intelligence for completely lifelike behavior make this a true-to-life fishing simulator that can help you improve your actual angling skills!

Key features:
* 170+ species of fish, each with its unique behavior and AI
* 23 scenic waterways with multiple locations, various climatic conditions, bottom terrains and vegetation
* 3 types of fishing - float, spinning and bottom
* 4 types of boats
* Thousands of tackle combinations with unique physical and hydrodynamic properties
* Superb dynamic water graphics with ripples and surface that changes depending on wind, current and depth
* Weather – day/night alternation, change of seasons, different weather conditions
* Multiplayer capacity – online Tournaments and Competitions with personal scores, leader boards and top-player lists

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