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Become a legendary drifter! Tune and upgrade your car, install parts and boost performance! With a dozen of cars to choose from, get them on the track and test them out!
Engines, suspensions, wheels and many other components are available to upgrade your car! Take part in awesome challenges that will test out your drifting skills!
Drifting requires skill and patience! Improve your drifting technique on legendary circuits and maps! Drift around the city to find hidden bonuses and earn achievements! Try out different physics modes by choosing between Tarmac and Snow.
High quality and optimized graphical performance! Realistic car and environmental sound design! Realistic car drifting physics!
Single Player Mode
- Collect drift point and earn cash
- Find hidden bonuses in the city
- Get drift achievements
- Try different physics (Tarmac & Snow)
Main Menu & Garage
- Buy new cars
- Upgrade your cars
- Buy new parts from store
- Collect all parts in your inventory (up to 100 slots!)
- Install or sell any part
- Nice & optimized graphics!
- Optimized performance!
- Realistic car sounds (Blow off, Exhaust, Backfires, Skids, etc)!
- Realistic physics!
- Dynamic camera movement!

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