Series 7 Cosmetic Pack

DLC for DOOM Eternal


This game is not currently available in United States.

Available on other platforms

Missed out on DOOM Eternal’s Event Seven - Thanksgibbing? Grab over 12 cosmetic items, including all the character and weapon skins, custom animations, and player icons and nameplates. Fight the hordes of Hell in style in DOOM Eternal’s epic campaign and BATTLEMODE, or show off your player and weapons skins in the campaign’s Photo Mode.

You get:

"Cultist" Slayer Master Collection
- Includes:
- "Cultist" Slayer Skin
- "Alabaster Acolyte" Skin Variant
- "Obsidian Zealot" Skin Variant
- Upgradeable "Blood Machine" Podium
- New Slayer player animations and poses

"Sunburncubus" Mancubus Skin
"Bleached Bone" Revenant Skin
"Bubblegum" Pain Elemental Skin
"Gibbo Plastic Heavy Cannon" Skin
"Pursuit of Happiness" Rocket Launcher Skin
"Corrupted" Icon
"Gibbo Hippo" Icon
"Bleached" Icon
"Unholy Crusade" Nameplate
"Turkey Tapper" Nameplate
"Turkey Puncher Pro" Nameplate

and more!

*This content requires the base game DOOM Eternal to play.