Robot Rebellion Pack

DLC for Deep Rock Galactic


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It's a Robot Rebellion! As in, we rebel against the Robots of the dreaded Rivals - but in style! Spice up your look with four new sets of unique armor (one per class), new helmets, and new Paintjobs. The Robot Rebellion Pack - crudely cobbled together during those long nights spent on the Space Rig waiting for the next engagement. The opposite of chic, perhaps, but eminently usable.

  • 4 unique suits of Armor, one for each Class
  • A unique helmet in two variants (Full Face & Half Face)
  • Robot Rebellion Paintjob for other Armors
  • Robot Rebellion Paintjob for your Weapons
  • Robot Rebellion Paintjob for Bosco
  • Robot Rebellion Paintjob for your Pickaxe

Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!