Crusher Weapon Pack

DLC for Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition


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This Weapon Pack is included in the Starlink: Battle for Atlas™ Collection 1 Pack. Check it out for the best way to complete your fleet!*

Crusher creates gravity wells around its target, crushing it and pulling in nearby projectiles for extra damage.

Shredder Mk. 2 continuously fires projectiles, dealing extra damage when an enemy weak point is hit.

*Starlink: Battle For Atlas game required to play.

The Starlink: Battle for Atlas™ Digital Crusher Weapon Pack* includes:
-One digital Crusher Weapon
-One digital Shredder Mk. 2 Weapon Harness the powers of gravity and kinetic weapons to gain the advantage in battle.*

*This pack is included in the Digital and Deluxe Editions of Starlink: Battle for Atlas™.

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