Coloring Book: Complete Bundle - 320 drawings


  • Release date: September 9, 2022
  • Publisher:
  • Download size: 671 MB

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Coloring Book Bundle Complete has everything you need to have to immerse yourself in the world of drawing relaxation, creative mindfulness and pure fun! Coloring Book: Bundle Complete is the all-inclusive, high quality pack of Coloring Book and all the DLCs.

What do you get? - Coloring Book game

  • Classic Tales with 30 drawings divided into 6 themes: European Fairy tales, Stories of the American Indians, Pacific Myths, Winter Europe Tales, Oriental World.

  • Adventure Chapter with 30 drawings divided into 5 unique boards: creatures from outer space, delicious looking desserts, cute animals in the woods, adorable dogs in the living room, mighty cats in a fantasy world

  • Basic Chapter with 48 drawings with 8 different themes: jungle, space, cats, ocean, farm, girls, room, construction site, dinosaurs

  • Om Nom Chapter with the ever-hungry hero of the famous Cut the Rope series. 14 drawings divided in 4 themes: Sports, Crazy Labo, Supernom and Nommies

  • Whiteboards with 17 empty canvases to express your talent

  • Coloring Book: Farm Life with 30 pictures of countryside animals and their daily activities

  • Coloring Book: Ocean Animals with 30 pictures of aquatic life and their underwater habitats

  • Coloring Book: Treasure Adventure with 30 pictures of coloring adventures in mysterious places

  • Coloring Book: Cosmos Fun with 30 pictures of extraterrestrial adventures

  • Coloring Book: Sweet Princesses with 30 pictures of beautiful princesses ready to be colored

  • Coloring Book: Silly Animals with 30 pictures of clumsy and funny wildlife animals

Unleash your creativity with: - A palette of 130 colors for fantastic nuances and 15 theme palettes, 12 colors each. - 9 tools for advanced effects and convenience – a brush that always paints inside contours for example. - Use the touch screen or the buttons on the Joy-Con™. - Up to 4 players can color in the same time! - Save your images and view them easily in your album.