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A new and exciting car driving game that lets you try out a plethora of different vehicles in a beautiful city! Drive a car, a bus, fill up your tank at a gas station and more!

10 AWESOME VEHICLES: Cars, trucks & buses
BEAUTIFUL CITY TO EXPLORE: Multiple varied districts
BECOME A BUS DRIVER: Get passengers to their destinations, stick to the timetable!
VARIED & FUN CHALLENGES: Complete them all!

City Driving Simulator transports you into a vivid, Spain-inspired city and lets you explore it from a bunch of different perspectives. Drive a muscle car and cruise through the streets, a pickup truck for a more challenging drive, switch to trucks for the ultimate driving proficiency test.

Top it off with buses that require a completely different approach. Stick to the timetable, collect passengers at bus stops and deliver them to their destinations. Drive safely and responsibly to finish this task safely!

In addition to driving you will also have to visit gas stations to fill up your tank. Every task you approach has to be completed as quickly as possible. The faster you arrive at your destination, the better your rewards!

That doesn’t mean you should drive recklessly though! Be careful not to crash!

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