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Chickens Madness gives you the ultimate power of being and behaving like a chicken in a very unique set of party games against your friends.

It's all about being crazy! Run, jump, fly, do a butt pound, lay eggs, kick, punch, and hatch some baby chicks. All the tools you need to help these chickens go mad!

-Hilariously fun local couch multiplayer experience.
-Core 30 unique playable party games.
-More than 30 unique gameplay mechanics & trick to master.
-Amazing quality art and animation style, inspired by the cartoons we grew up with.
-Tightly refined player controls, with lots of options for special moves that will satisfy both beginner and expert players. Easy to pick up, NOT easy to master!
-Play with family, friends, kids, and elders. It's a game for everyone. Did I mention our testers are between 3 & 60 years old?
-A playground level to master the controllers and mechanics alone or with others.

More Features
-Fun Guaranteed.
-English ONLY. We won't ship with another 20 languages translated on Google.
-We'll send Eggs to some of our players.
-Make videos, videos and more videos, we send you more eggs.
-Footage of people playing with you, we send them eggs too.
-Executable start every time with few splashes.
-A game about eggs, must have some Easter Eggs!!! A TON of them!
-This section is mostly for fun, but who knows, some parts are for real!

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