Shiranui's Prized Goods Release Sale

DLC for Azur Lane: Crosswave


  • Released:
    • NA: February 16, 2021
    • EU: February 19, 2021
  • Publisher: Reef Entertainment
  • Download size: 3 MB
  • ESRB Rating: Teen

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'"You really are an idiot, wasting such precious resources on me…" - Shiranui


Shiranui can be one tough cookie… but don't let her get you down! With the Shiranui's Prized Goods Release Sale, you can grab all the essential resources to wreck any incoming schooners!


The Shiranui's Prized Goods Release Sale includes:

• Twin 100mm (Type 98) Advanced AA Gun  

• Twin 127mm MK12 Advanced Dual Gun

• Triple 155mm Advanced Mounted Gun       

• Sample Triple 152mm Main Gun T0

• Sample Triple 203mm Main Gun T0           

• Sample Triple 150mm Main Gun (SK C/25) T0

• Sample 381mm Mounted Gun T0               

• Sample Triple 410mm Mounted Gun T0

• 533mm Quintuple Advanced Homing Torpedo Mount  

• 610mm Triple Advanced Torpedo Mount

• 533mm Quintuple Advanced Torpedo Mount 

• Twin 40mm Bofors STAAG Mk II T0

• Twin 100mm High-Angle (Type 98) T0       

• Advanced Hawker Sea Fury

• F4U (VF-17 “Pirate” Squad) T0                 

• Advanced Fairey Firefly

• SBD Dauntless (McClusky Division) T0        

• Swordfish (818 Squad) T0

• Advanced Blackburn Firebrand                  

• Advanced Aichi E16A Zuiun

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