Vostok Inc. Pinball

DLC for Arcade Paradise


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Do you like money? How about Arcades?
Then you'll LOVE Vostok Inc. Pinball!!

Celebrate space capitalism with the latest DLC expansion for Arcade Paradise that gives you the opportunity to fulfil your pinball wizard dreams with tilt functions and missions designed to test your reflexes to the max! Based on cult hit twin-stick shooter sharing the same name! Test your skillshots with a host of missions and features to increase your multipliers and hit the multiball for MAXIMUM MOOLAH!
Including :

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Kickback function
  • Ball Saving targets
  • UFO destruction for extra balls!
  • Various Multipliers
  • And more!

And if it comes to it you can always give the table a careful tilt (or 3..)

Vostok Inc. Pinball also contains new in game goals and Global Online Leaderboards!

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