Volume 1-3 Complete DLC Bundle

DLC for Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent


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This bundle includes:
1. Additional Content Vol.1 Bundle
- Vol.1 Additional Scenario - Super Special Dreamer #1~#3
- Vol.1 Additional Quest - Super Special Dreamer EX
- Vol.1 Additional Character Citrine
- Vol.1 Additional Character Spinel
2. Additional Content Vol.2 Bundle
- Vol.2 Additional Scenario - Danger Mountain March #1~#3
- Vol.2 Additional Quest - Danger Mountain March EX
- Vol.2 Additional Character Kiesel
- Vol.2 Additional Character Lazuli
3. Additional Content Vol.3 Bundle
- Vol.3 Additional Scenario - Linking Light's Successor #1~#3
- Vol.3 Additional Quest - Linking Light's Successor E
- Vol.3 Additional Character Euclase
- Vol.3 Additional Character Lapis

※The main game (sold separately) is required to use this product.
In addition, please use this item after updating the game in the event that the latest patch is required.