Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Uhh, what?

Deku Deals does not sell (as “sell” is traditionally defined) your personal information.
That is, we don’t provide your email address or other personal information to third parties in exchange for money.

But, under California law, serving personalized ads on a website is considered "selling personal information", and some of the ads shown on Deku Deals may be personalized to you. California law also requires us to have a page titled Do Not Sell My Personal Information to tell you this, which is why you clicked on the ominous sounding link at the bottom of the site and are now reading this page.

As part of online advertising, our advertising partners may collect information about your interactions when you visit Deku Deals. This information includes:

You can choose to opt-out of your personal information being used during ad serving.
(You'll still see ads on Deku Deals, but they'll generally be less relevant to you.)

You can also opt-out of targeted ads across many sites by using these tools: